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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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welcome back you are the latest news every week's top stories on t.v. there is no farewell to arms in libya as nato pulls out leaving the country's new leaders to topple a heavily armed conflict to secure peace feeling the colonel could fail to prevent a lot of his sons from revealing all about western leaders shady dealings with a dictator. americans occupy wall street protesters resist growing police pressure despite the arrests of activists who refused their encampments and they're vowing to continue even though the voters turned against them with an unseasonal.
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an outbreak of deadly fire between israel and gaza has left at least ten people dead horse wireless there and gets pulled out as thousands returned to the streets of tel aviv to protest against disproportionate government spending in favor of the military. plus the kurds up on russia's legendary home of the finest ballets on offer as a ball for theatre a real star after a capital refurbishment six years and hundreds of millions of dollars later it's now sporting it's original sorry iran. israeli and palestinian leaders will have solid plans on their territorial route within three months but their track record means hopes aren't high and there are fears in the middle east that the middle east quartet efforts to resume direct peace talks are doomed to fail and israeli politician now explain what exactly is holding the.
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with me i have the elder young israeli politician and author and also the daughter of one of israel's most revered chiefs of staff thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. in your opinion has the american president barack obama and the united states let down the palestinians by threatening to veto a statehood bid at the united nations in the u.s. so clearly you know i'm very surprised because the i thought all burma is go to be in using and force both sides to negotiate it and i didn't take into account reporter could do a year will go it can all do now because of fairly actions. so obviously it is called the abuse. was. and most negative it did not help the process can sum up a claim be put on involve the argument that is well through its settlement building
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and its expansion policies and its occupation could as well not be harming the reputation of the united states really goes together we didn't go into iraq or afghanistan and. we're not wanting to save the world we are not successful in saving ourselves so on the other hand we're very dependent on america and we get a big big budgets for a good for armament so it's incredible for a fusion that i don't think can be dissolved but we never had such an extreme guide the government in israel we share was a. perfuse nicked piece altogether so i don't think the blainey's obama i think we instead of opening it up being the strong power being the able power
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to compromising we have a troll and instead of opening and being generous for our own sake we are closing more with more the possibility to even begin negotiations israeli leaders are against the palestinian bid and accuse it of being unilateral that isn't the israeli occupation unilateral of course everything that we do is you need to go after of sixty seven and. the only time that we had to be lateral. negotiations or something happening was during or slow. and the result was the association of rugby so you know. if there was no creation settlements occupation in the prevention of. everything you see only the whole college students will most likely end up appealing to the united nations general assembly for statehood is this
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a good thing for israel of course it's good because what we don't understand the neutral way maybe we will understand. the international way because we keep saying all. this the number of muslim is we thank you. both very publicly for a very very serious. problem. i don't think we believe. and i think it will show it direct action of justice do you think israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu commitment to peace talks is genuine and what was not and something if it will division generally we would have been sitting together. i didn't. i do want to warn nobody in all snooty really once it's really clear that he doesn't i'm wrong and if. he doesn't want to evacuate settlements.
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from his tribe. is not a mineral food to state solution you mentioned the assassination of the former israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin and you have said that there are certain streets in jerusalem you're nervous to drive down and that public rallies for example sometimes you require security guards are you concerned that there could be another assassination of a high profile of the left wing israeli unfortunately no because it will not concede the. majority that can really take decisions so it's always possible but i'm more concerned with the cleavage use of the said close against palestinians and now against rubs in israel i think this is really the sure that we will not be able to stoke it's killing stealing it's up to we see how our seeing it's preventing them
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from a normal life in the. army and police are not really successful in a corporate food so my feeling is always the next palestinian be killed by the jewish extremists more noise ladies do not want to serve in the israeli army in one thousand nine hundred eighty they were twelve point one percent who do not want to serve and the projections are there are twenty twenty they could be some thirty three percent now we've spoken to soldiers and former soldiers who believe that the i.d.f. conducts unjust wars for example the most recent war in gaza and also that it can no longer be relied upon to protect the state of israel what are the implications. office i don't think it's really harmful because it first of all a lot of those who don't want to serve the north it's not based on ideology they're not really conscientiously object and the worry is i mean young people don't want
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to waste from their point of view with three years in the army and begin the close wheels of two worlds the economic instability and people who are young through the direct line to higher education or top jobs all nice today. and if your little for it and the corn is all together and of course one of the reasons that most people are looking forward to peace is because we think of the having an army so big and compulsively sylvie's is probably wasteful few women would sorceress what about the way that money is internationally are you not concerned that the reputation of the i.d.f. at all father helped build is declining internationally i don't know i don't think so i think it's toward god the entire world i think of. the canonical jungle for
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all. is becoming more and more sophisticated of course when do we war that is a choice war or people know louis listens to the us i mean it could be vietnam we can be a story clumped idea of a party blamed for the fact that israel has angered its former allies egypt and turkey and the country is becoming more and more isolated i think it's more with the political picture than the military because. corporation. we had we still plea on the if militarily on the military side was very easily developed and they didn't want to stop it even now we see we see gypped though in attitude to words or armies something the day after result of the egyptian army the two we didn't have the only else of peace we didn't have really any clashes at
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leisure so important intell egypt they take all elements that are really harmful to egypt just as much as to israel one of the biggest achievements in your father's life time was the peace treaty with egypt he was one of the architects are you afraid that it could collapse i don't think it can it can collapse it can be minimized but not it will it will not collapse into a wall and i perceive a no world situation and then. active peace if it could all be maintained not happen after the arab spring more things get worse for israel i don't know israel is good it's only spring i seem clear it's a failure all three of you in the news one easy over centralized to rule in the form of dictate will see whether it's army or religious a like iran in egypt and syria. it's just
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extremely right wing capitalism i think this systems are collapsing and in israel we have an infrastructure oh the basically social democratic so it will go through the formation but it will not collapse in egypt tunisia are leiby are. don't never even work in a work or here is in their thirty's. to deliberately to we form from inside someone will have to go either the army should reduce it so we civil society should take over or a go to we shape themselves a form the ideology because obviously they were not poor dictators but the dictator held the power so i can foresee i hope because the
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students and the young people were so involved i hope they will get the chance to really and be helped by maybe you would pin cantle is a. form. really. give civil society the power to just institutions to replace the ones that will turn core grabbed or were dictatorial what is what missing when it comes to its response to the challenges facing. of age and people of afraid and this is something that we have to wait people still have the trauma of the whole of course people are afraid of being they take seriously we're not going to did israel is saying i'm going to destroy israel and i have the capacity to do it all when the hamas says it people are afraid they take it seriously they think this may.
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because it happened to us once maybe it will happen again so there is something that has to be addressed very deep and there is this sense of self-confidence and alliance with the world we can't have the whole world against us and have self-confidence we should the self-confidence form the element of being just and if we are just the world will not be against us and if we would enable smith justice we will be strong enough to avoid any poor diction of the storks and yell they and thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. thank you.
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well it is news and the we saw stories on our t.v. there's no farewell to arms imposed going off in libya as nato pulls out leaving the country's new leaders to tackle its heavily armed public to secure peace but killing your colonel could fail to prevent one of his sons from revealing all about bluster and leader feeding dealings with a dictator. america's occupy wall street protesters resist really nice pressure despite the arrests of activists refused to package their encampment for their ballots to continue even though the weather strata gets them with an unseasonably loser. and outbreak of deadly fire between israel and gaza has left at least ten people dead and the worst violence there in weeks holdouts as thousands
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returned to the streets of tel a bit of a protest against disproportionate government spending in favor of the military. plus the curtains up on russia's legendary home of the finest valets that offer us as the bolshoi theater reopens in style after a capital for six years and hundreds of millions of dollars later it's now sporting it's original tzarist. back in about fifteen minutes time and first the latest in sports. i know that this is this whole something to not see things but giving us this hour let's take a quick look at our top stories. some concern that is about the college because his first win as unfree stand in manager of the two one victory over still also ensuring his size will be one of the top eight teams thought in full decisions
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crown. proud stash there is no. state championship in both following that stretch that semi found the feet bobby torres on top of the others. and point in dreams we catch up with the man the talent is a feel rushed. a limp a triathlon matter of next summer. so let's get the ball where it was touch and go . there well and the russian premier league regular season and position that finish crucial for the mega rich club as the top eight teams will do battle for the crown of their side single for starts home for only their first win in a dozen games there's a quick thinking friend of the spot before another big name running some a small doubleton series lead ten minutes from time to get ahead of sponsor action funkytown leaving the front seat entre and you will be very much aware improvement
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is needed in next months longer than the start. he was too long had already insured they will be in that top eight type of the season but just for good measure they went out and won the city job with a sick person there on saturday the league's top scorer last seen a trial run by race away from. ask about taking time to cement some position. thanks to most. double bits were starts out and we come out to finish off the day a great starting for the home side spots not smashing the railway man's twelve match unbeaten streak through the city stadium and when i met a cat with particular reason to smile as a nigerian international out of soft trick his first couple came and saw the first fifteen minutes of the game in a case and smartarse. happened several minutes after the break ensuring the red and whites would go eleven points with their parents in fourth position.
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and sunday's action is now on their way to number moscow have gone on the table following a tourney away victory and seeks one in the last match of the game we turn tonight producer better take on sarah gets a moderately sized conflict in action and it's goalless after fifteen minutes of play that. limits on the english premier league game week ten continues today with the one thinks it taught them well coming cross-town rivals queens park rangers iraq camps and i will be looking for the six victory in seven matches and catch up with chelsea and to costal place at the table while cooper will try to demonstrate a performance similar to last week's surprising reach over chelsea when nail one extreme managed to outscore the blues tossings will go from county sports. to the western ukraine in search of all is ready for euro train to twelve the city's new
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arena had struggled with delays since foundations were late two years ago but now is set to welcome the west european football teams next summer still some touch ups to be done on the exterior of action packed races taking place inside the arena is building a system mongst for ukrainian stadiums to be used for the european championships we've got is located in the capital kiev jeanette's park of remember the events will start by june and poland with the full stadium hosting its first. much of the fall into. the russian very narrow or failed in her quest to reach the double at a chamber ship's final on saturday the russian of terrorism defeated her and now has a chance to become world number two it sure beats buy tickets over in the decider twenty two year old is there a canal seeking to the cup on the left of her trophy and she went about it right away in the same missed forcings an aerial all over the court. was unconventional
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taking sixty with the following said going much the same way six two six three the final score there was no before sarah can are gearing up for the biggest match of her career so far. better quit for the woman standing in her way the track star needing three sets to serve samantha stosur in the last for the australian hitting all the right sorts to take the opening set so in five. the left handed three to the game brawling second set to take a six three count on a roll then continue exhausted part of the third five seven six three six three outings that. now new russian figure skating says sation has been turning heads and and their fourteen year old elizabeth permission to becoming the youngest woman in thirty years to win overall gold at the second of the six in a level i.s.u. grand prix events in mississauga this short program most well took to make sure all
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this and most on friday should be to americans and gretel flats for that result put the russian into the overall lead out of that space free program where she finished second behind. the japanese though forced to settle for second place overall after missing the podium on the first day came and took to michoud his competitor the one of the finishing just outside the top three in fourth place as well. russian athletes have never won an olympic medal in their triathlon as sport and to this to the northern games in sydney back in two thousand and a bronze medal is now the official target set for the newest thing for london france a twelve or my course are the top of the program k.'s got the better great to reach that goal. this is all crystal this season was very successful for me i reached the podium
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three times at the world series i want to stage of the european cup and the championship in russia i think that's a decent result unfortunately because of cramp i was unable to win a medal at the finals of the world series. alexander behind corp as one of russia's two triathletes who are currently in the world's top ten there are hopefuls to win an olympic gold you placed in the london group one called the latest major success was in august when he won silver at the world series stage in london which earned him an olympic ticket for twenty it's well. yeah but they usually come up short in the running portion of the event and no one strong in it but they have to learn how to relax and spread out my strength evenly over all three disciplines and that happens my results rules will improve. despite finishing in a commendable second place in london behind the english champion alistair brownlee and in front of his brother jonathan brownlee alexander and the rest of the russian team know that it's the olympic performance which will matter most at the end of
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the day as they continue helping each other to become stronger after he's done with the south but outside my teammate to meet three who is also in the world's top ten constantly pushes me to train harder and i'm sure it's reciprocal on his sawyer's must be both feel pressure from foreign athletes who are surely not on to why we're training. at the moment there are eight russian for a half leads among the world's top fifty which is a far cry from only one person in that ranking just five years ago three is the maximum number of olympic licenses that a men's team can get with three hundred calls and polanski the obvious takers of the first to take it however there are at least six more quite capable athletes competing for the remaining take it to the games where the russians hope for at least one piece of silverware but he's just a little bored of course there is a mental plan after all sports authorities are investing quite a lot into our preparation process and they would like to know what about aiming
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for london with our goal is at least a bronze olympic medal from our man i think it could be the polanski mobile phone call of which one does do happen especially in triathlon and we could see both of our athletes on the podium and xander behind call is in relaxation mode at the moment recuperating after itself but successful season however his and the rest of his teammates lives are about to change as they enter the final preparation phase for london next year ramana koester of artsy moscow. that's funnily it did acacia and commitment and lawful the sports are often taken to the extreme by athletes but few have had to train in the following conditions the flaws in thailand have resulted in lots of fun millions of people and bank of nights not just it's not section that. they're refusing to shut its doors and they comment on weather conditions of course as had all the declared the father holiday in more
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than times of promises to pay is nobody tell these men women and children so punching hard and then when the actual seems. ok after that no more sports news from around the globe into a strong hand out say. will . join us on a trip to a magical land where pesticides or just plain old anymore for school children to live in learn without ever opening the paper book where einstein's theories to the laws of physics no longer apply and where big can always be bigger still be afraid to take my hand and enjoy the ride on technology update here on r.g.p. .
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it. would be soo much bryson if you knew all about the song from first impression. starts on t.v. don't come.


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